The Cruyff Foundation helps children move up by being active. We focus on the physical development, but also on the mental development of both children and young people. The Heroes of the Cruyff Courts programme was developed to meet both these needs.

The goal of Heroes of the Cruyff Courts is to turn young people into role models for their neighbourhood and get them involved with the community and the Cruyff Court in the long term. The project trains Cruyff Foundation Coaches, who then coach young people to organise a sports event for children in the community.

By organising events, the young people are given an opportunity to discover and develop their talents while also being challenged to try something new.

Cruyff Foundation Coaches

The Heroes of the Cruyff Courts project is led by Cruyff Foundation Coaches. These are local professionals who are then able to independently run the Heroes of the Cruyff Courts project with young people from their community.

We provide the training to become a Cruyff Foundation Coach. During the training they learn how to set up a team with a group of young people, how to take on a coaching role, and how to keep young people connected to a Cruyff Court for the long term.

In most cases, a Cruyff Foundation Coach is someone within an organisation that is active in the community or from a sport association.

Become a Cruyff Foundation Coach

If you want to become a Cruyff Foundation Coach, you need to take the Cruyff Foundation Coach training course. This course is perfect for community sports organisers who want to become involved in their local Cruyff Court or in a Special Cruyff Court at an institution. During this training you will learn:

  • To take a group of young people aged between 14 and 21 and to turn them into a team
  • To take on a coaching role and help these young people to develop
  • To start the Heroes of the Cruyff Court project in a period of approximately two months (six to eight meetings)
  • To create a long-lasting bond between the young people and their neighbourhood and/or Cruyff Court.

If you complete the course successfully and in a positive manner, you will receive a certificate. From that moment onwards, you can start a Heroes of the Cruyff Courts project on the Cruyff Court in your community.

Do you want to become a Cruyff Foundation Coach? Contact us!