‘You can do nothing on your own, you have to do it together.’ Words spoken by Johan Cruijff, that certainly apply for the fulfilment of his vision, a vision we want to continue together.

We would like to do this together with you! Read below how you can help us.

Visit our events

We organise various events throughout the year. At all our events the main goal is to get young people active. We mean this in a literal sense when we organise events for young people such as the Open Day and the Streetwise Cup.

But we also get active in a figurative sense through our fundraising events which we use to raise money for our projects. This we do through events such as the Cruyff Foundation 14K Run and Cooking for Charity.

The Cruyff Foundation Cup and Cooking for Charity are events for the business community. You can visit or participate in all the other events. This can be a lot of fun, as you’ll see exactly how sports and play positively impacts the lives of children, especially those for whom being active is not that easy. You’ll be guaranteed a sea of smiling faces and loads of self-confidence!