Cruyff Legacy 14K

The Cruyff Legacy 14K is a social run in commemoration of our founder Johan Cruyff, that keeps his ideals alive and raises money for the Cruyff Foundation and takes place in Amsterdam.

The Cruyff Legacy 14K run takes place every year around the 25th of April. The main event is a 14 km run that passes memorable places related to Johan Cruyff’s life in the Netherlands. There is also a 14 km walk, 5 km run and a Kids Run. The start and finish of the Cruyff Legacy 14K is at the Johan Cruyff ArenA.

Anyone can take part in this event: young and old, businesses or individuals. There are special packages for business teams and VIP teams. You can read more about these special packages here.

We can guarantee an unforgettable experience!

You can register several months before the event on the special Cruyff Legacy 14K website. The Cruyff Legacy 14K is organised together with Ajax, PWC, OTTO workforce and Basic-Fit.

*The first edition of the Cruyff Foundation 14K Run took place in 2016, the brainchild of the Dutch running platform 'Losse Veter'. Volunteer Maurice Hollaar of the Cruyff Foundation initiated the organisation, in cooperation with the Cruyff Foundation, running platform Losse Veter, athlethics association Phanos and Cruyff Institute to honour Johan Cruyff in a sportive manner.