If you would like to apply for support for a sports project for young people with a disability, you can submit an application by completing the application form. This form contains questions about the project planning, the target group, and the costs. Please attach the following documents when submitting a request:

  • KvK (chamber of commerce) registration
  • Budget
  • Project plan
  • Annual report (if available)

We will contact you personally or in writing within two months of the application being submitted.

If you have any questions about the projects supported by the Cruyff Foundation, please contact us.


When we assess a sports or games project for young people with a disability, we use the following criteria:

  • The goals of the project must correspond with the goals of the Cruyff Foundation
  • The projects must be focused on promoting the active participation of children in sports and play activities
  • Projects must be focused on disadvantaged young people or young people with a disability
  • Special attention should be given to projects for children with physical, mental, or multiple disabilities
  • Projects focused on young people up to the age of eighteen are given preference
  • Preference is given to applications with a long-term perspective and that envision independent continuation
  • The organisation requesting support is entrepreneurial and actively involved in the project
  • A request for subsidy must be submitted two months before the project commences
  • The project is aimed at a broader target group The Cruyff Foundation does not support projects that are focused on individuals


If you are interested in creating a Special Cruyff Court, we will gladly contact you as the needs and requirements for a Special Cruyff Court will be specific to each institution. You will receive a response from us within three weeks to explore the possibilities, including funding possibilities. If you have any questions about the Special Cruyff Courts, please contact us.