Published on 8 February 2022

2022 is an anniversary year! In 2022, the Cruyff Foundation exists 25 years and Johan Cruyff would turn 75 years old. A year to reflect #CruyffLegacy

Some history first…After his life as football player and coach Johan Cruyff had another dream; to connect sports and children. He realised that dream in 1997, when the Johan Cruyff Foundation was set up. The origin of his dream lies in America where he was introduced to the Special Olympics and lived next door to a boy with Down syndrome. This boy wasn’t allowed, or able, to play with the other children outside, but Johan managed to make contact in a playful way. He gained the trust of the boy, and one day the boy joined in the game, which left him beaming from ear to ear.  

Johan saw it happen; the unlimited power of sport. Sport is a universal language that doesn’t care about background, culture, religion, or special needs. In fact, sports and play encourage us to find our talents, boost our self-confidence and allow us to develop within society. Sport makes children fitter, teaches them to interact with each other, creates bonds and promotes personal development. Every child deserves space in which they can get enough exercise. Johan Cruyff believed in that promise, and in fact, it has been a central tenet of the Cruyff Foundation for 25 years. 

We’re very grateful for the support shown by our partners, sponsors, ambassadors, volunteers, neighbourhood sports coaches, Cruyff Foundation coaches, local authorities, sports associations, social partners, rehabilitation centres, schools and basically all our relations over the past 25 years. For this reason, we’re celebrating the impact of 25 years of the Cruyff Foundation with the entire Cruyff network. In addition to our current projects, we’re launching 5 anniversary campaigns; ‘space to celebrate’, ‘space to run’, ‘space to play’, ‘space to shine’ and ‘space to unite’.

On February 8, exactly 25 years after the creation of the foundation, we launch our anniversary year with the “space to celebrate campaign” which is all about a brand new video! As 25 years gives a wealth of images. Basically, every reason to kick-off with a film about Johan Cruyff, his mission and the power, impact, and urgency of the Johan Cruyff Foundation.