Published on 14 September 2023

A brand new Cruyff Court opened in Apeldoorn on Wednesday, September 13. This is not just any Cruyff Court, but a Cruyff Court 'Plus'. Until yesterday, only two Cruyff Court Plus locations existed in the Netherlands. Cruyff Court Plus Zuiderpark is therefore the third 'Plus' Court worldwide and the second in Apeldoorn. Quite unique!

Why is this Court called a ''Plus''?

''For a Cruyff Court Plus location, we investigate the needs of children, youngsters, the elderly and local parties from the neighborhood. As a result, here in Apeldoorn we now have a unique multifunctional court, exactly as the neighborhood likes it; A smaller football field, volleyball, trampoline and calisthenics facilities. And it all fits perfectly in the renewed park," said Desmond Post, Project Manager at the Cruyff Foundation.

FOTO 1 Cruyff Court Zuiderpark Apeldoorn Fotograaf Peter Lous 1

The Apeldoorn alderman opened the new Cruyff Court together with children from the neighborhood. Sportservice Apeldoorn then organized a super cool sports afternoon. Local top youth football player ''Geronimo Londar'' of Vitesse was present to speak and show his football skills. There was also a boot camp clinic. The Court was very well received, people played football on the field, climbed the racks and jumped on the trampoline. There was also plenty of room to get an autograph from Geronimo, who was happy to hand it out. In short, a successful afternoon!

Photo Credits: Peter Lous

FOTO 3 Cruyff Court Zuiderpark Apeldoorn Fotograaf Peter Lous 4
FOTO 2 Cruyff Court Zuiderpark Apeldoorn Fotograaf Peter Lous 6