Published on 14 January 2020

Today was a very special day for us: we've opened the very first Special Cruyff Court in the United Kingdom! From now on the pupils of the Dorothy Goodman School can play sport on the Special Cruyff Court, which is adapted to the needs of the children.

Across the country we already have Cruyff Courts, giving children from communities the opportunity to learn and grow. From now on we can give children and young people with a disability the chance to play sport and develop themselves too, to start with the pupils of the Dorothy Goodman School.

New opportunities
The work with the Dorothy Goodman School over a period of just over 2 years has provided funding further supported by the players of the People's Postcode Lottery. To enable this project to be developed and leading to an opportunity to create this unique space that will not only encourage young people attending the school to develop their social and teamwork skills. It also enables them to be active and support a healthier lifestyle. The Cruyff Court will link in with community organisations that support the ethos of Dorothy Goodman School and Cruyff Foundation extending the opportunities for participation in sports and play for children and young people with disabilities.

Special Cruyff Court
A Special Cruyff Court is a safe place that encourages children to play outside. These Special Cruyff Courts are adapted to the children's needs: they have a special playing surface, include adjustments to the background, and feature adapted sports equipment. It supports inclusion of children and young people with a disability and enables them to practise all kind of sports activities. The young people from the Dorothy Goodman School will play an active role in organising these activities.

We're very thankful to the players of the People's Postcode Lottery and our partners Tiger Turf UK and Sutcliffe Play for making this happen.