Published on 16 January 2019

The Dutch national Coach and former player of the Dream Team of FC Barcelona opened his own Cruyff Court today in Barcelona. This gives children a safe place to sport and play. Very special: it was the 250th Cruyff Court worldwide!

This Cruyff Court gives children and youngsters a space to sport and play together, but also to learn to work together, to learn about winning and losing and to discover their talents. Worthy competences they take with them to develop themselves physically and mentally, but also in the community.

Cruyff & Koeman
Johan Cruyff brought former international Ronald Koeman to FC Barcelona in 1989. A special bond arose and to this day national coach Ronald Koeman has been deeply involved with the Cruyff Foundation. That's why it's very special that the 250th Cruyff Court carries Koeman his name. Koeman: “I believe kids are in need of this space, so they can just go out there and practice. In that way, they can improve their physical and mental health and develop themselves. That’s also the way I learnt it. And that’s why I’m very honoured to open this Cruyff Court today, on this special location nearby Barcelona. A city that means a lot to me, and also meant a lot for Johan.”

La Caixa and Barça Foundation
This Cruyff Court is the result of the alliance between the Cruyff Foundation, "la Caixa" and the Barça Foundation for the construction, maintenance and activation of a total of 15 Cruyff Courts throughout Catalonia, prioritizing disadvantaged areas to promote the social inclusion of children and especially vulnerable young people through the practice of sports. The Cruyff Court Ronald Koeman has the support of the City Council of Sant Vicenç dels Horts.

The court opened today in Sant Vicenç dels Horts joins the Cruyff Court Andreu Fontàs in Banyoles, the Cruyff Court Ronaldinho in Les Roquetes, the Cruyff Court Hristo Stoichkov in Martorell, the Cruyff Court Sergio Busquets in Badia del Vallès, the Cruyff Court Carles Puyol in Pobla de Segur and the Cruyff Court Gerard Piqué in Sant Guim de Freixenet. The starting point of this alliance was the creation of the Cruyff Court Xavi Hernández in Terrassa, which laid the foundation for the agreement.

This initiative also promotes two specific youth projects linked to the Cruyff Courts. The Cruyff Courts 6vs6 school tournament for boys and girls from 10 to 12 years in which all the Cruyff Courts participate, and the Heroes of the Cruyff Courts program for young people of the neighborhood.