Published on 26 April 2023

After a successful three-year collaboration, the Johan Cruyff Foundation and Triple Double are joining forces for the coming year as well. The sports marketing agency supports the social organization in creating and developing their marketing plans.

The Cruyff Foundation supports and develops impactful sports and play projects all around the world. We focus on children and youngsters for whom sport  isn’t a guaranteed part of their lives.

"As an agency, we are convinced of the power of sport for society. Because sport makes people happier, healthier and more socially engaged. It is fantastic what the Cruyff Foundation manages to achieve in this area. We are happy to contribute to their projects in our way." - Ruud van der Knaap

One of the recent projects Triple Double is involved in is the Creative Cruyff Courts. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Cruyff Foundation, three courts are being revealed in busy urban spaces. These spaces will be transformed into a Creative Court allowing youth to play sports on the streets, challenging city leaders to look at space creatively at all times and claim it for sports and play. In Barcelona and Rotterdam, youth can already use their courts. The third Creative Court will open this year in London.

"We are extremely happy with Triple Double's support. Their strategic and creative marketing knowledge helps us achieve our goals and strengthen our story towards our audience.- Niels Meijer

Niels Meijer and Ruud van der Knaap talked in the 32. Minutes SPORTNEXT podcast about the anniversary year of the Cruyff Foundation, but also looked ahead. What does the Cruyff Foundation stand for in 2023, what social developments does the Foundation want to create? You can listen to the podcast here: 32.