Published on 22 November 2019

Today we opened the second Cruyff Court in Aberdeen: Cruyff Court Neale Cooper! A safe space for the children in Tullos, named after the legend Neale Cooper, who passed away in 2018. During the festive opening children from the community played with several Scottish heroes like Jim Leighton, Steve Archibald en Archie Knox.

Special guest were the family of Neale Cooper, with the facility named in honour of the late Aberdeen Football Club star. Neale's son Alex Cooper told the family is very proud: "Football was a huge part of his life from a young age and provided so many wonderful opportunities - we know Cruyff Court Neale Cooper will provide the next generation with the same chance to play and thrive. It’s a great facility and the emphasis on fun and enjoyment is something dad would wholeheartedly endorse."

Cruyff Court Neale Cooper is the second Cruyff Court in Aberdeen, which has proven it's success. Schools from all over the city joined the Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 tournament on Cruyff Court Denis Law. Also the team of Denis Law Streetsports has been using the Cruyff Court a lot: every week they organize a special sports evening for the young people of the community. The impact of Cruyff Court Denis Law is huge and made the community of Aberdeen initiate this second Cruyff Court.

Cruyff Court Neale Cooper has been realized together with the community of Aberdeen and the Denis Law Legacy Trust and with thanks to the players of the People's Postcode Lottery.

Photo credits: Bram Berkien