Published on 16 September 2021

The Cruyff Foundation has been active in the Caribbean Netherlands since 2005 through the Cruyff Courts and the sports programs that run on the courts. A new Cruyff Court has been added since this week, the Cruyff Court Boy Frans on Bonaire!

With this we also create space here for kids and youth to enjoy themselves through sports and to stimulate physical, mental and social development.

Cruyff Court Boy Frans is located in Rincon, the oldest village in the Dutch Caribbean. Together with, among other things, it forms the school playground, the gym, the baseball field and the stadium of Rincon, a multi-functional sports and games environment for all residents in Rincon. The fact that there is a close-knit community here is also shown by the involvement of many people during the development and creation of activation plans. Together with the primary school, the local football clubs, the neighborhood platform, neighborhood development, sports organization Indebon and the program 'Only you decide who you are' from the Ministry of JenV, weekly activities are now offered for all children of Rincon.


In recent years, a lot of work has been done to create this court. “The goal is not only to play sports, but also to take into account social responsibility, integration, knowing how to play with each other and also to take into account norms and values ​​during the game,” said James Kroon, deputy for Sport of Public Entity Bonaire.

Johan Cruijff

Susila Cruijff, the daughter of Johan Cruyff, was present at the festive opening: “My father wanted young people in exercise, because sport offer so much! This court very welcome for the youth here.”

This Cruyff Court was created by the Cruyff Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Public Body Bonaire, the UEFA Foundation for Children and the National Postcode Lottery.

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