Published on 16 March 2022

The Cruyff Foundation believes children and young people all over the world should be given the space and encouragement to exercise. After all, simply enjoying a kick about unfortunately isn’t an obvious part of everyone’s life. The very first Cruyff Court in China was officially opened in Chengdu yesterday.

The Cruyff Court is part of the ICH-WePark holistic sports park; a place where everyone, young and old, with and without disabilities, can play together. Nico Schiettekatte and Huub Buise from the Dutch embassy in China were present at the opening, in addition to numerous prominent figures from China.

Cruyff Foundation in China

This is the first Cruyff Court of many, as the Cruyff Foundation will be realising a total of 50 Cruyff Courts in China over the next 5 years, together with Hua Pureland. But of course a Cruyff Court is much more than a football field, so in addition to establishing the Cruyff Courts, the Cruyff Foundation will also be training coaches and will arrange for various local sports activities to be organised.

Johan Cruyff’s 14 Rules, rules of conduct which everyone must adhere to and for which everyone can hold each other accountable, therefore take up a very important place on the Cruyff Court. Themes like respect, teamwork, creativity and social involvement will serve as a guideline to make children aware of their responsibility and how you should be treating each other whilst playing.

Klein ICH We Park Opening 1e Cruyff Court in China

Hua Pureland x Cruyff Foundation

The Cruyff Courts being built in China form part of WeParks: sports locations where everyone, young and old, with and without disabilities, can play together. Hua Pureland’s mission is to improve the Chinese people’s vitality with the construction of these sports locations; everyone deserves a safe (sports) place.

Klein ICH We Park Activiteit voor kinderen met een handicap
Opening 1e Cruyff Court Chengdu China
Klein Opening 1e Cruyff Court in China Nico Schiettekatte Nederlandse Ambassade in China