"Playing outside should be a subject at school", said Johan Cruyff once. So the Cruyff Foundation came up with a relatively simple solution. Schoolyard14 makes school schoolyards an attractive place to play again by giving the school and the schoolchildren the opportunity to pick their own playing fields, which take the form of lines and coloured areas (coatings) applied to the ground and walls. Some examples are an athletics track, a playing circle, or a goal on the wall. This stimulates children to play in a natural way.

The Cruyff Foundation gives children in both regular and special education space to sport and play together both during and after school.

In addition to the schoolyard, Schoolyard14 ensures that you can fully utilise the schoolyard by providing a preparatory lesson package, a sports package, a games box and a sign with the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff. Read more about it under Schoolyard14 process.

Games box

Schools receive a games box with their Schoolyard14. This is a box containing 90 game cards describing games that can be played on the markings on the schoolyard. The cards have pictures so that pupils can use the cards to play their games independently.

Games Box

Sports kit

The schools will also receive a sports package with sports and game materials that they can use on the Schoolyard14, specially adjusted to their selected markings. This is meant to promote and intensify the use of the schoolyard. The package contains balls, chalk, cones, and skipping ropes.

Coach vests are also an important part of the package with which the school can appoint coaches. These are pupils who are given additional responsibilities on the schoolyard at specific moments, such as organising a game or ensuring that the materials are handled with care.

Schoolyard14 at special education schools

Schoolyard14 is also suitable for special education from the primary school level up. One out of four Schoolyard14s are located at special education institutions. Along with athletic and sporting challenges, Schoolyard14 brings more structure to the school schoolyard – and that is extremely important for this target group. For the special education institutions, an additional boccia marking has been added specifically for children with disabilities. The sign with the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff is also provided with icons and/or in Braille.