Published on 19 July 2017

Special Johan Cruyff statuette to celebrate the 20-year-anniversary of the Cruyff Foundation

To celebrate the 20-year-anniversary of the Cruyff Foundation, Artihove has reissued this unique Johan Cruyff statuette. It’s a real collector’s item. Artihove designed the original statuette back in 1999 to commemorate the ‘Match of the century,’ concluding hundred years of top-level football in the Netherlands. The life-size statue is still on show at the headquarters of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB).

Johan had his own unique style, in which he directed football and consequently wrote Dutch sporting history. The pointing Johan Cruyff represents this style. Twenty years ago, he also set course for the Johan Cruyff Foundation, and we are still following that course today and every day. With his philosophy in our thoughts, Johan will continue to show us the way in the future #cruyfflegacy.

By purchasing the statuette, you support the Cruyff Foundation and its mission to help children move up by being active. Most of the proceeds will benefit the projects run by the Foundation.

Take a look at and order the statuette today!