Published on 19 April 2022

Sarina Wiegman, icon in Dutch football and pioneer within women's football, will join us to continue the Cruyff Legacy with us. After getting an own Special Cruyff Court in her hometown Monster (the Netherlands) last year, Sarina will now officially commit herself to the Cruyff Foundation.

The former head coach of the Dutch national women's football team is currently managing England's national women's football team. Even though Sarina is occupied with the UEFA Women's Euro comping up in July, she is ready and glad to commit herself to the Cruyff Foundation now.

“I admire Johan Cruyff for who he was as a football player, as a coach and above all as a person. He saw the power and value of sport for children and founded this Foundation. As a former Physical Education teacher and as a football coach, I know how important it is that sports and games are accessible to every child. The Cruyff Foundation is committed to this and I look forward to contributing to this as an ambassador.”

Niels Meijer, director of the Cruyff Foundation, is proud that Sarina is now engaged as ambassador. “I am very happy with Sarina becoming a new ambassador. We still see too little female representation on our Cruyff Courts; during daily activities and events they are easily outnumbered, and only 15% of our Cruyff Foundation Coaches is female. Sarina has made a huge contribution to the development of women's football in the Netherlands and is a role model for girls to participate in sports.”

Sport is a universal language disregarding background, culture, religion, or special needs. Sport makes children fitter, teaches them to interact with each other, creates friendships and promotes personal development. Every child deserves space in which they can freely play sports. Johan Cruyff believed in that promise, and in fact, it has been a core value of the Cruyff Foundation for 25 years now.

Opening Speciaal Cruyff Court Sarina Wiegman Cruyff Foundation