Published on 15 February 2019

We believe soccer for girls can change the world! And that's why La League has started - an initiative of Plan Netherlands in collaboration with Women Win and the Johan Cruyff Foundation. La League wants to empower girls and aims to support equal rights and freedom for girls.

We work in the Netherlands, but also Nicaragua and Brasil. In the last two we tend to putting teenage pregnancies and child marriages offside. La League does not only want the girls on the soccer field: we also focus on the fathers and other male role models. Because together, they mean even more for the equal rights and chances for girls. Football became a powerful tool to change gender roles and create awareness about the negative effects of teenage pregnancies and child marriages. Not just for girls, but for everyone.

To intensify this project, we also train young coaches in several communities in Nicaragua. These coaches will help girls from the neighborhood and stimulate them to start sport projects. In the mean time, the first coaches have received their certificates!