Every child deserves a healthy future. The Johan Cruyff Foundation helps children move up by being active; especially those children who need a little extra help. Unfortunately we've had to continue the mission without Johan Cruyff following his passing in 2016, but our goal of 'Because active children move up' has remained unchanged and we've scaled up the activities considerably in recent years. In addition to developing new initiatives, we have also expanded the scope of the Foundation. One of our core objectives is to play an influential role on an international scale.

It is important to help children around the world stay as healthy as possible and to work together to help them thrive in our complex society. Sport is a universal language for children, regardless of background, culture, religion, or ability. Sport and play improves the fitness of all children, teaches them to get along, and helps them to develop. Through Cruyff Courts, Schoolyard14, and sports projects for children with a disability, we want to motivate children to get active, because active children move up. We help keep thousands of children all over the world active every week.

The story of Johan Cruyff


children with or without disabilities active every week


children use the Cruyff Courts on a weekly basis


children use Schoolyard14 on a weekly basis