Published on 17 May 2019

​When Wesley Sneijder announced his ambassadorship for the Cruyff Foundation last year, his big dream would be a Cruyff Court near a refugee camp on Lesbos. One of our colleagues is currently on the Greek island with Movement On The Ground to explore the possibilities.

She says: "It is harrowing to see the circumstances in which the children live here. Fortunately, we also see the joy with the children and enthusiasm with the people we speak here. The desire to create space for sports and play is there, but of course the circumstances are not good. A Cruyff Court would make a huge difference. This allows these children to forget their worries for a while by playing sports. Together with Movement on the Ground we will achieve this. But we could still use some extra help! "

Do you also think it is important that a Cruyff Court is installed on Lesbos? Then quickly make a donation!