Published on 2 October 2017

While visiting Malaysia in 2012, Johan Cruyff opened the very first Cruyff Court of Malaysia in the city Johor Bahru. Recently we opened the 4th Cruyff Court.

When Johan Cruyff visited Malaysia in 2012, he opened the first Cruyff Court of the country in the city of Johor Bahru. Shortly after that, a Cruyff Court was opened in Kuala Lumpur. Now, five years later, we launched two new Cruyff Courts in Malaysia and together with our local partner Yayasan Hasanah we’re making plans to open even more Cruyff Courts throughout the country.

Our aim? To reach out to those children who don’t have easy access to sport facilities and to stimulate them to discover their talents. We are very proud that with our Cruyff Courts and Heroes of the Cruyff Courts program, we can help the youth in Malaysia move up by being active!#CruyffLegacy