Sport brings people closer together, as does achieving a common goal. To start an action for the Cruyff Foundation, like a spinning marathon in the canteen, a cycle race, or a table tennis competition in the conference room, is always a win-win situation. You make a tangible contribution to our projects while also strengthening the team spirit at work. Starting an action is simple but if you would like some help, we have plenty of tools, tips, and an action page to help make your initiative an even bigger success. To accomplish things, you have to do it together. If you have any questions then contact us!

Lloyds Bank runs for a Schoolyard14

Lloyd Banks is committed to corporate social responsibility. They not only show their dedication as a Sponsor of the Cruyff Foundation, but their staff also makes a contribution. During the Cruyff Foundation 14K Run, the team from Lloyds Bank started a funded run to raise money for a Schoolyard14. They managed to raise a phenomenal 4589 euros, as well as many smiles at the finish line. Now, we will be able to open that Schoolyard14 together, soon.