The Cruyff Foundation organises several big events every year such as the Cruyff Foundation 14K Run, the Cruyff Foundation Cup, and the Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 national championships. And we don’t do this on our own. There are several sponsoring possibilities during these events which reach a large public: thousands of runners at the 14K Run, hundreds of spectators and children at the 6 vs 6 national championships, many businesses, and prominent people and ambassadors during the Cruyff Foundation Cup.

Using your goals and desired results as the guideline, we work together to find the perfect, customised sponsor partnership.

Head sponsor

As the sponsor of an event, your organisation will take centre stage. We offer different privileges, a customised communication plan, and other possibilities to optimally expose your brand to the desired target group. You are included in all the communication about the event.

Product or service sponsor

Another way to be noticed as a company is to become a product or service sponsor at an event. This is reciprocated by the provision of a free business team, sample opportunities, and the all-important online and offline visibility before, during, and/or after the event.

Host the Cruyff Foundation Cup

If your company would like to host the Cruyff Foundation Cup in the Netherlands, you will welcome more than thirty company teams at the Olympic Stadium for a wonderful day of football. This is an effective way to expand and enhance your network.