Become a partner

We are currently structurally working together with more than 50 organisations in different partnerships. Our permanent partners, sponsors, suppliers, and supporters are part of the closed Cruyff Foundation & Partners LinkedIn group, are invited to networking events and to activities with and for the target group such as the opening of a Cruyff Court, visiting a Paralympic athletes training session, or the completion of a Schoolyard14. Together, we promote the mission of the Cruyff Foundation

Being a partner of the Cruyff Foundation means being visibly socially involved, having a link to the vision of Johan Cruyff, and access to a large and interesting network.

All our partnerships are unique and customised. Through our communication, events and network events, and activations we help you reach your goals while continuing to promote the legacy left by Johan Cruyff. After all, to accomplish things, you have to do it together.

Partners & sponsors

The partners and sponsors of the Cruyff Foundation are the bearers of Johan’s legacy. Through intensive partnerships, we help each other to achieve our common goals.


Suppliers provide sponsored services and products for our events and our daily activities.


Supporters are business contacts that give the Cruyff Foundation heart with their annual contribution.


If you are interested in exploring the partnership possibilities for your company or organisation, then come by for a cup of coffee while our team explains the options. Please contact Marloes Mulder, Senior Manager Fundraising.