For children and young people with a disability we have developed Special Cruyff Courts at locations such as Schools, Health and Therapy Centres. These Courts are adapted to the children's needs so they have the same opportunities to participate and be active.

To ensure the Court is used as effectively as possible, we work together with therapists and teachers to see how the facility can support in the teaching and treatment program.

Examples of adaptations to a Special Cruyff Court:

  • An adapted playing surface for children with a visual impairment, using colours and different textures
  • Adjusted or additional sport attributes on the court such as baskets, hockey beams, or a multifunctional net
  • Additional facilities around the court such as an athletics track or a wheelchair course
  • Adjustments to the premises so that it provides the best possible landscape for physiotherapy objectives.

Each Special Cruyff Court is different. If you are interested in developing one we would be happy to discuss your needs and requirements. Please contact us and we will respond within three weeks to explore the possibilities, including funding possibilities.


disabled children are active on the Special Cruyff Courts on a weekly base


in average, more than 5 activities are organised on the Special Cruyff Courts weekly


most played sports are wheelchair football, -basketball and -hockey

Cruyff Court Cruyff Court
Special Cruyff Court Special Cruyff Court
Schoolyard 14 Schoolyard 14