The Cruyff Foundation works together with national and international foundations and sports associations that are committed to helping children with a disability. We look at how we can continue to ensure that as many children with a disability as possible are introduced to sports and that they are given the opportunity to develop themselves. This varies from events such as clinics that introduce children to a specific sport to a talent internship for the Paralympic Games. With our projects and cooperations we represent a broad scala of sports: athletics, cycling, basketball, volleyball and skiiing for example.

We provide financial support, exchange knowledge, and see where we can strengthen one another.

  • Esther Vergeer Foundation
  • Fitkids
  • ITF
  • K-J Projects
  • Mentelity Foundation
  • Ndlovu Care Group
  • Only Friends

In addition to the big initiatives, there are also an increasing number of smaller, local initiatives launched by associations, foundations, or special education institutes. This means that more and more children are given the opportunity to play sports and to discover what they enjoy. This is why we support a large number of local sports facilities and sport-stimulating projects each year, with a focus on projects in the Netherlands and Spain.

With our support, these projects can purchase extra materials such as sport wheelchairs, hand bikes, or equestrian saddles. It also helps them to provide special guidance during sports activities or organising specially adapted sports events. The objective is to make sports accessible to children with a disability.