Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 is a national football championship for children between the ages of ten and twelve that is organised by young people who participated in the Heroes of the Cruyff Courts. The championship takes place on Cruyff Courts across the country and is organised by children from the local communities. The championship starts with regional qualifying rounds and quarter finals, national semi-finals, and an electrifying final. Countries that participate are the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Spain. We hope Malaysia and Sweden will follow with their own Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6.

Respect is the central theme of Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6. All participants sign the respect banner, which is a promise to respect the other participants both on and off the field.


More than 100,000 children have taken part in Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6


Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 consists of 200 events every season