Twenty years ago, in 1997, the dream of Johan Cruyff – one of the greatest football players of all time – became a reality. With the founding of the Johan Cruyff Foundation he was able to connect children with sport. The dream started in the USA, where a little boy with Down's syndrome lived next door to Johan. He wasn't accepted in the group of children in his neighbourhood who played outside, and he could never join in their games.

Johan connected with the boy through sport and play, giving the child a sense of confidence and helping him to develop. Then, one day, the boy simply joined in with the neighbourhood children and thrived. For Johan, this proved the positive power of sport. By playing sport, children with or without a disability are able to discover their talents and build their self-confidence. In this way, you help them move up in society.

Since Johan's passing in 2016 we've had to continue the journey without him, but his legacy remains our inspiration every single day.